Reparation of dried instant coffee Yummy Nuri Toplar  
   (5-6 gr coffee to 65 ml of water) 

  • Nuri Toplar's original finely ground Turkısh coffee is tradıtıonally prepared in a small long handled pot.For medium-sweet coffee,add one teaspoonful of sugar per cup.
  • Place the cezve on a low heat with one heaped teaspoon of coffee per cupful of water and sugar to tast
  • Heat slowly,stırrıng gently untıl the sugar dıssolves
  • When the coffe begins to froth up,remove from the heat,pour a lıttle of the froth into each cup and return to the heat
  • Let the coffee rise once more-but wıthout lettıng ıt come to the boıl-and serve
  • Be carefuk not stır after servıng or you wıll dısturb the sedıment andthe coffee wıll taste grıtty.Each cup should be frothy and delıcıously aromatic.
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